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key players

Fiona Sullivan: bartender, struck by lightning during Ascension

Malcolm Sullivan(uncle) Sapphire Mage, owner of Sullivan's bar.

Frank Sullivan(father) Former LAPD detective; private investigator

Delilah Greer(mother) Seer, absentee parent

Connor Thorne: Western Prime, Ancient vampire

Adam Gibbs: Opal Mage; Omega of Western Triumvirate

Declan Tomas: werewolf, Alpha of Western Triumvirate 

Katrina (Acossi): alpha werelioness

Ethan Acossi: Opal Mage

Alisande Salvator: Opal Mage

Ian Kilpatrick: Southern Prime

Janelle Olivier: Midwestern Prime

Daniel Engström: Northeastern Prime, emissary of The Conclave

key terms

mo spréach“my spark”


compagno bondRare bond between a master vampire and human companion. 


The ConclaveArchaic European vampire council.


The PrimesAncient vampires who oversee supernaturals within four territories of the United States. They rule in a triumvirate with an Omega (an Opal mage) and an Alpha (an alpha shifter), and answer directly to the president.


Mage Ranks(from weakest to most powerful) Topaz, Amber, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Opal. Details of note: mages beneath Sapphire need tools and rituals to perform magic. Opals are the only mages capable of magic with only a thought — and historically it drives them mad.

Nulls: Humans who survived Ascension unchanged. Less than 8% worldwide. 

Cipher: Those without magical gifts; Ascension gave them natural defenses against supernatural influence. See: Alchemists.

Alchemists: Ciphers who use tools embedded with magic. 

Liberati: Alchemist terrorists.

fae terms

Sidhes: Homes of the Fae. Light Court, Shadow Court, and Blood Court. The Sidhes exist on a separate plane of reality from the human world, though travel between them is possible.

The Light Court: The Western Sidhe. Maghmael in ancient Fae. Commonly referred to as the White Court by humans. Ruled by Morrighan, the White Queen. The population is comprised of healers, oracles, musicians, and those with affinity for plants and animals.

The Shadow Court: The Northern Sidhe. Tír na Nóg in ancient Fae. Also referred to as the Black Court. Capital of the Fae kingdom before the mists separated the realm into three distinct Sidhes. Formerly ruled by King Finvar and Queen Aine, who vanished long ago. A land of starlight with no sun. Magical gifts lean toward the mind, i.e. illusions and psychological influence.

The Blood Court: The Eastern Sidhe. Eamhna in ancient Fae. Also known as the Red Court. Smallest and most powerful of the Sidhes. Ruled by Manannán mac Lir, the Red King. Population is known for its elemental bloodlines and powers over earth, air, fire, and water.

lóstran: Rare elemental power of magma.

lóstre: Rare elemental power of plasma.

stoirm a rugadh: “Stormborn.” Refers to those with the gift of lóstran.

sanguis: Blood magic. Also known as ichor, blood of forgotten gods. Among the Fae, the sanguis bloodline was thought extinct.

mórgachtFae term for “majesty,” used in reference to a Fae of royal blood.

Shadowlands: The unknown territories concealed by the magical mists separating the Sidhes. Once a person enters the Shadowlands, they do not return and are presumed dead.

halfling: Half-human, half-Fae

domhan: Borderless realm of shared dreams.

First Legacy Fae: The original and oldest of the Fae, who lived alongside the Mother Danu and Father Dagdha at the dawn of time. Key Players: Morrighan, Manannán mac Lir, Finvar, Aine, Oghma, Delbáeth, Airmed, and Lug.

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