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the ascension series faq

Why are the books short?

Believe it or not, it's intentional. The Ascension Series is written in fast-paced, serial "novelette" style. Each book will run between 25-50k (roughly 150-250 pages); hence the price of only $2.99 per book.


cliffhangers? really?

The Ascension Series is a six-part story arc. That means not every installment will have a neatly wrapped beginning-middle-end. Think of it as your favorite television drama - sometimes we're left with more questions than answers, while other times we feel fully satisfied while awaiting the next part of the story.  And while I wish I could release a new book every week, it's not realistic. The good news is you'll only wait a month or so for each new installment! Preorders for the following book will be available as well.



When a friend asked me about this concept I had, to release shorter installments in a faster sequence, she warned me that readers expected longer books in this genre. (I've certainly received this feedback from some). But while I was toying with plots and mapping character arcs, I realized why this format felt so natural. It reminded me of my youth reading graphic novels, and of my love for leaner writing style. No unnecessary words is my goal.

Can you make the books cheaper?


For less than the price of a latte, you're getting 50+ hours of my top efforts per book coupled with professional editing and proofreading, which (I hope) provides you with a bubble of escape and immersion in an exciting new world. 


On the other hand, I get it. I really do understand. And I have some good news for those of you who want to read but can't reconcile the price point: Books 1-3 and 4-6 are now available in boxsets, which will give you a price break.

can I get a glossary?

Sure thing! Here you go. The glossary will be updated with each book and first appears in volume four: Rebirth.

will there be spinoffs?

Maybe. For now, though, the focus is Fiona's journey.

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